Why did the fairies take Barbara? Will she return to her proper century? By the end of this story, you just might believe in fairies and witches and time travel!

Do you believe in fairies?

In witches? In time travel?

Barbara Rowett, an American tourist visiting England, did not believe in such things until an accident tumbled her into a fairy cave. Then her world vanished and she found herself in a different century.

Barbara’s husband, Bill Rowett, wakes up in a small hospital and nobody on the staff, or in the Constable’s office, can tell him where his wife is. She has vanished into thin air!



The Rowetts’ daughter and granddaughter, April and Katie, come to the small village near the grand manor house, Belvoir, to help find Barbara.  Three-year-old Katie sees into the fairy cave where a fairy named Tuck steals her dolly’s shoe, but gives her his glass shoe in return. In time, Katie can trade Tuck’s shoe for the return of her grandmother.