A wonderful heartwarming book, beautifully illustrated and definitely makes you renew your beliefs in fairies and magic! I highly recommend it as a necessity in every library. Thoroughly enjoyable reading! Thank you to the author! - Dee



I am in my 70s and I loved the book. It is a good mystery story as wellas being amusing and informative, especially about polio. Youngstersmight be confused by the back and forth between 1836 and 2012. This is a story for all ages - Dick in CO

Don't be fooled by the book's obvious appeal for children.  I took it along on my recent 12 hour flight over the pole to London and it was just the ticket to set the stage for my drive through the British countryside and visits to the manor houses and castles along the way and open me to the magic along the way. Joe, age 57

This is the stuff that a good story is made of. This drama contains tragedy, suspense and humour. "The Crystals of Belvoir" more than meets this criteria. One woman's journey through time with a purpose, it's a healing story. A fairytale for all ages. - Thea Robertshaw, MA

Meet the Master of Time, the King and Queen of the Fairies and the people that are surrounded by circumstances.The writer Beverly Snell takes you on a touching suspenseful journey back in time to help a sick little boy. - Manon Robertshaw,